The Purpose of the Four Shades of Black

Difficult emotional constraints can be at the heart of any inner opposition a person faces when faltering at realizing their signature purpose. It’s important to understand what (who?) they are and how they might be manifesting to undermine your goals in life. It’s one thing to say I lack self-confidence. Likewise, it’s another thing all together to delve into the archetypal realms of affect where Fear, Rage, Grief, and Shame reside.

The best example I know of demonstrating this type of reckoning found in The Red Book of Carl Jung, which has quietly receded into the shadows after the fanfare surrounding its publication in 2009. Purpose always springs from a place of depth. And the darkness coming from those realms can fuel both authenticity and vision for the work of one’s life.

Richard Reeve is a consultant, entrepreneur, conservationist, advocate, writer, digital artist, hiker, gardener, and cook.

Digital media has been at the center of his creative posture for decades.

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