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Krater Consulting, delivering custom solutions for our clients:

Krater Consulting Delivers

Uncovering the hidden power in your story and amplifying that message, planning the best path to completion, and defining each step of that journey,

that’s how we deliver success.

We also provide sustained project management to help organizations and businesses increase bandwidth without taking on the additional costs associated with in-house employment. Alleviate your blocks. Increase your bandwidth. Secure new streams of revenue.

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Krater Consulting delivers:

  • Fundraising Plans and Grant Writing
  • Strategic Planning, Startup Guidance, and Work Plan
  • Personalized Coaching for Administrators and Teams
  • Interim Administrative Supports
  • Digital Platforms and Technological Systems Implementation
  • Content Marketing
  • Integrated Internal and External Communications
  • Website and Social Media Audits, Plans, and Management
  • Turnkey eCommerce Solutions

Put us to work for you. How can we help?

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