Creative Flare

Krater Consulting Richard Reeve Creative Flare

The Artistry of Work

As a consultant, I get gigs due to a problem, a crisis, or a deficit in a specific skill set. While the midframe seeking support is rooted in a difficulty, it is crucial the energy I bring to every project is both objective and untethered from the dynamics of the client’s current situation requiring my services.

As I often tell potential clients, I consider each consultancy as a creative booster shot, uncovering ways forward that have not been attempted, or even considered before.

Creativity in business is essential. With it comes the joy of new opportunities and and the fulfillment of the vision underlying the business endeavor. Without creative flare, daily routines become stale and frustrating.

Regardless if the consultancy is a one off, or a sustained partnership, and regardless of the specific objectives being met, this broader concern, for a connection to meaningful creativity for the sake of the business or organization is something I always keep an eye on.

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