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Each sector of our economy faces new problems as we emerge from the pandemic, wrestle with persistent inflation, and encounter greater geopolitical uncertainty. Effective consulting solutions get tailored to the particular needs of each client and the community you serve.

Providing targeted and custom consulting services that address your most pressing issues.


Creativepreneurs build their business around a personal brand, passion, and purpose. They amplify these gifts through digital tools we all engage in.  By building tribes around their personal brand, they expand both their influence and income. Along with actors, musicians, artists, writers, and photographers, digital content creators are the fastest-growing sector in this field. The uncharted landscape and meteoric rise of many new to digital content creation results in missed deals and opportunities. We have created a suite of consulting services that address the business side of the equation, allowing emerging creativepreneurs to remain focused on content delivery, while steadily building a sustainable business.

Small Businesses / Entrepreneurs

Home to entrepreneurial creativity, the small business landscape was tempered and challenged in unforeseen ways by the pandemic. Small business owners found themselves with their backs pressed against the wall and needing to pivot quickly to meet the unexpected problems in their rapidly changing markets. Of note amongst the consulting services we offer to this sector are the community building services designed to ensure and expand your customer base.

Non-Profits / NGOs

Nonprofits and NGOs face unprecedented obstacles today as they attempt to meet the challenges of the most difficult economy the sector has faced in memory. We support organizations along three main vectors: organizational planning that designs dynamic strategies; diverse funding sources driving effective programming; and impactful communications building an audience and a sustainable community.

From the business model design to the pitch deck, Richard focused my ideas into a clear message that proved convincing and enticing to my investors. Now I’m ready to launch.”

Joe Munsell, small business owner

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