About the Krater Consulting Approach

Richard Reeve brings more than 25 years of c-level executive experience to his practice, allowing him to draw upon thousands of scenarios to develop strategies and plans that deliver the results his clients define as success.

Providing blue ribbon solutions for your most pressing needs.

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Agency x Allure = Efficacy²

Agency arrives with each Krater Consulting project. Outside eyes bring a fresh view to the challenge at hand. Freedom from the daily challenges you face allows for candor and objectivity that can sometimes get obscured for a variety of reasons. Some are quite obvious, others less so.

Regardless, successful consultancies leverage the time-bound nature of projects to optimize creativity, decision-making, and implementation in a manner that can prove difficult within the confines of set organizational cultures.

Allure gets plenty of recognition in the marketing world, where it is both fundamental and essential. Years of administrative responsibility, both within marketing and across broader administrative scopes of focus, have proven to me that allure is a fundamental component for success in all spheres. The necessity to set the hook successfully extends beyond just selling products and services.

Efficacy occurs when the results you’ve defined are met both on time and within budget. Efficacy² occurs when the results achieved exceed your expectations. I approach every project aiming to deliver Efficacy².

Agency x Allure = Efficacy²

Krater Consulting provides:

Vision, Strategy, and Planning

Institutional, Organizational, and Business Development

Administrative Supports

Fundraising and Grant Writing

Marketing and Communications

Design Services

Content Marketing

Richard Reeve’s Professional Experience

Owner at Krater Consulting
(2017 – Present)
A consulting practice that emerged as a side hustle working primarily with creatives and entrepreneurs, recent expansion of client segments occurred to address the growing need amongst businesses to pivot swiftly during these times of unprecedented historical challenges.

Institutional Giving Officer at Waterkeeper Alliance
(2022 – 2023)
Provided relationship management, strategy, grant writing and reporting for foundations, corporations, and government agencies.

Chief Operating Officer at WildLandscapes International
(2020 – 2022)
Provided administrative support to programming, development, and communications while redesigning the digital infrastructure and website to both address the needs and focus of the organization.

Senior Director of Development at Panthera
(2015 – 2020)
Director of fundraising and communications for the global conservation NGO, remotely leading a team of 12 and securing $12-15M annually; hosted dozens of development events on five continents and raised funding in 15 countries; designed and implemented global PR campaigns to insure organizational authority within the conservation field.

Executive Director / Head of School at Education Plus
(2007 – 2014)
Director of fundraising, marketing, social media and communications, as well as the special project manager for organizational rebranding and Joint Commission accreditation.

Executive Director at Catskill Art Society
(2005 – 2007)
Regional community organizer, gallery and programming director. Responsible for development efforts leading to building and organizational relocation into a new arts center. Grant writing efforts restored state funding to the organization.

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