Timing: Ripeness Is All

Timing. Nature is a great teacher of this essential life skill, and it’s something that, in my opinion, is learned through experience. An innate talent in observation certainly helps, but it is a skill that can be developed. Farmers certainly handed the skill down through the centuries.

My schooling in recent years came from harvesting wild blueberries around Crystal Lake, a 32 acre body of water on forest preserve land up the road. It’s little over a mile and a half from my home. After a few years of picking, it became clear that there exists a two-week window aligning roughly with the last two weeks of July.

The most fascinating about picking blueberries through the years has been the pattern of ripening on each specific cluster. The six or so berries do not ripen all at once, but in a sequence, so that the same bush can be returned to three or four times during the two weeks of harvesting.

What analogies does this hold for your creative processes or business opportunities?

Richard Reeve is a consultant, entrepreneur, conservationist, advocate, writer, digital artist, hiker, gardener, and cook.

Digital media has been at the center of his creative posture for decades.

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