Strategy for a Snow Day Surprise

When the weather interrupts our meeting schedules, I like to make the most of it. Actually, it’s the same strategy I use whenever a meeting gets canceled or delayed.

The question is simple. How can I best make use of this time to forward the most important goals in front of me? Not the task on my to-do list, but the higher order needs, which can often get pushed to the side due to the clutter that fills up my daily schedule. Of course, this requires having a good handle on what those goals are and how to prioritize them.

C-Level Strategy

A little mindset trick & technique every growing Agency founder should know,” by Spencer Gallagher. This C-level task list from Spencer’s post is immensely valuable in this regard.

1. Working on your point of view and thought leadership pieces for your marketing communications.

2. Developing your personal brand identity. 

3. Speaking at events 

4. Working on and communicating your business strategy to your team.

5. Networking & socializing

6. Company Team meetings weekly, quarterly, annually

7. Listening to customer feedback in person about their business requirements (not getting involved in Account Management) 

8. Inspiring your leadership and the wider team

9. Working on creating a fantastic culture 

10. Improving your mindset 

11. Making sure your pipeline is up-to-date, so you know what sales are a priority or where the problems are in sales. 

12. Driving referrals to your business

13. Analyzing your up to-date accurate p&l and pipeline and revenue tracker

14. Attending business conferences 

15. Mergers and Acquisitions

16. Pitch Strategy

Do you have your highest priorities sorted out for when Mother Nature hands you a gift?

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