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Creativepreneurs and focus
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Creativepreneurs rely on their capacity to develop original content. Everything that pulls away from that primary task, undercuts the potential of the personal brand.

That said, there are schedules to make, partnerships and sponsors to form, a tribe to curate, and a host of administrative tasks common to any business.

At Krater Consulting, we can audit the current impact of your brand, and then build the strategies and supports that allow you to stay focused on your creative engagement.

Our consulting practice also helps creativepreneurs develop and protect their creative engagement. Through explorations of the creative process, strategies are developed to optimize content creation.

Experience over the past decade supporting fine artists, novelists, poets, musicians, and digital content creators has developed a clear understanding of the areas where support is most needed:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Creative/Editorial Calendar Support
  • Coaching
  • Sponsor Procurement
  • Backend Administrative Services

Read the 4 part blog series Working with Creativepreneurs:

Check out this series that explores four necessities of every creative journey. Parts 1 and 2 focus on external demands; access, and audience. The last two parts focus on the internal challenges of creativity, a protected creative space, and engagement in creative time.

So, what do you need most to take your brand to the next level?

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