Easy and Effective Donor Communications Strategies

Clear Donor Communications

(Part two of a two-part series on stellar nonprofit donor communications.)

Crafting Direct and Personable Donor Communications

Avoid the pitfalls. Do not get too wordy. Watch out for the passive voice. And address the donor directly with the 2nd person singular pronoun: you!

Tell stories, but within a few sentences, not a few paragraphs. Here are some 55-word examples, and to really push the envelope, some of only six words.

Direct Donor Communications

#1. Cut to the chase.

If your reader thinks, get to the point already, you have lost them.

#2. Be personable.

Friendly and upbeat messaging. And if the message is somewhat dire, then support that with a can-do attitude. We’ve got this with your help!

#3. Be clear about the ask.

Get specific when you ask. Leave no questions unanswered regarding the purpose, the amount needed, and any deadline that might apply.

Your Donor Communications Can’t Afford to not Work

Literally. In regard to potential donors, any content that does not move the reader to action, and eventually to a donation, is a failed communication. Focus on the intent of getting donations with your writing will limit the extraneous, which always weighs down the reader and provides a handy excuse to abandon the message. Recognize how easy it is to delete an email or discard a piece of direct mail. Implementing these simple strategies will keep your work out of the trash bin, and bring more of the sought revenue to your nonprofit.

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