Creativity: The Importance of Play

When you are looking to make a dramatic leap in any process, creativity is essential. It’s not uncommon to get caught up in what is right before one’s eyes, especially the current blocks or problems that are in the way. All our energy can get zapped by everything preventing the desired future, or perhaps, the idea of a desired future. As Dylan intimated, there’s a big difference between being against the law and outside of it. Carl Jung understood the challenge of transformation like this. The same goes with dealing with the challenges blocking our path. We do not solve problems, we outgrow them.

But how do we maneuver ourselves to step around the current dilemma? How do we get outside the box? In each and every case it has been my experience that a different kind of space, one that allows for play, is the first step in answering this riddle. A space that does not run on the current goals or objectives. A space that can lead to unanticipated outcomes and answers. When facing a significant dilemma, look for a sandbox, a shovel and a pail. In effect, turn your back on the problem.

It’s an approach that works wonders (if by that we mean that it delivers brings unanticipated results), to the clients I work with. Open mindedness is the answer, or the beginning of the answer, to each and every problem.

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